Current version

sketchometry with many new features and tools is currently available in version v2.0 (2024-06-28).

The previous version 1.5.3-legacy is still available.

Version history

sketchometry is continuously being developed. Some of the latest changes and bug fixes are listed below.

Yay!!! After more than 13 years of development, there is finally a new version.

sketchometry 2.0 comes with many new features.

Of course, the completely revised user interface immediately catches the eye. Unfortunately, the old interface has become increasingly confusing due to the constantly growing range of functions. For this reason, we have reorganized and rearranged the functionalities. You will find all tools (that cannot be used with gestures) in the toolbar at the bottom. By the way: you can also find the gesture overview digitally in the app as an image.

The new interface also offers a gallery with a folder structure and is highly customizable.

There have also been some changes to the range of functions:

  • Our gesture recognition is now even better and more reliable.
  • We have added several gestures, such as center perpendicular, center parallel, Thales circle, tangents to sectors, …
  • In addition, there are new objects such as parallelogram, parallelogram point, angle of fixed size, distance of fixed length, …
  • The measuring mode has been split up: on the one hand there is “normal” measuring, on the other hand measuring with operations (sum, difference, …). The dimensions of the objects are also taken into account here!
  • Many new properties can be edited by you (objects, grid, coordinate system, …)
  • Of course, interactive texts are still possible. Now even with TeX.
  • and much more!

Old constructions are automatically converted when opened in the new sketchometry. (Attention: this process cannot be undone!)

The new version will also be available in the app stores within the next few weeks.

Have fun with the new version of sketchometry!
If you discover any bugs, please contact us at

There is now a fixed entry “New construction” in the gallery. In addition, the user can control the transparency of the mode icon in the background.

There are now not only arrows as stroke ends, but also a bar to offer more display options.

A major bug has been fixed that made it very difficult or impossible to open pop-ups in Android. As usual, there are also some other improvements.

In this version, some changes have been made to the user interface: Multitools are now displayed in a separate subpage and no longer with a “Switch” button. In addition, the standard mode is displayed again in the toolbar as soon as the current tool has been deselected.

Polish has been added as a new language.

In addition to a few minor improvements and new icons, the entries in the toolbar have also been reorganized and the popup when closing a new construction has been removed.

In this beta version the languages Turkish and Chinese (simplified) have been added.

Measurements have been extended to sliders. Their value can now be “measured”.

In addition, all modes that expect a point as input now create it when you click on an empty space in the drawing area.

A few other bug fixes and improvements have also been made.

This release is the final version of the 1.x series. It will be available in the future at to be found. Almost nothing has changed compared to version 1.5.2.

Constructions saved in this version can only be transferred to the new interface via export and import. They are not transferred automatically.

Time has finally come. We are presenting sketchometry 2.0 as a live version in the beta phase:

What’s new?

  • New revised interface
  • Gallery with folders
  • New gestures, such as perpendicular bisector, centerline, Thales circle, …
  • Advanced measurement with operations (sum, difference, …)
  • Many new properties (objects, grid, coordinate system, …)
  • Interactive texts (also with TeX)
  • and much more

sketchometry v1.5.2 brings improvements primarily to iOS devices: The speed of the sketchometry app has increased drastically.

In addition, the “Share” menu is available for saving constructions (under “Save file”). This also automatically supports all cloud services installed on the device.

sketchometry v1.4.4 fixes two small problems: labels could not be dragged and polygons could not be completely hidden.

In addition, direct mirroring of angles, arcs and sectors is not supported in this version.